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Original Fine Art Textured Coastal Abstract Painting Neutral Minimalist Wall Art Beach Home Interior Design Home Decor Custom Paintings
Contemporary Art by Christine Bell: Original, contemporary, coastal abstract paintings. Gallery fine art paintings by Christine Bell, (formerly Christine Krainock), created in her unique, textured, impasto, palette knife style.  Her paintings and prints are available for sale to purchase through gallery exhibits, private transactions, Saatchi Art, and her Online Gallery here. Textured, modern, coastal, abstract paintings, impressionist landscapes, florals, trees, blossoming cherry trees, cityscapes, & romantic couple paintings, are some of the favorite subjects of Christine. She is drawn to observing nature, the textures of the earth, and its beauty and she utilizes her signature palette knife painting techniques, and fine artistic ability, to capture the textures, organic movement, depth, & light found in nature through her modern expressionistic / impressionistic style.
Christine is commonly commissioned by designers and homeowners to create just the right painting for clients, including extra large 5'-8' paintings on canvas, as well as diptych and triptych multi - panel pieces to enhance the decor of any space both within the home as well as for public venues.
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