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    ...Creating original, modern, palette knife paintings, textured, impasto, abstracts, tree paintings, florals, landscapes, angels, figuratives & more.

    art original yellow grey blue white abstract painting palette knife artwork for interior designer by commission custom artwork home decor wall art interior design

    Gallery Fine Art - Stunning, unique, ORIGINAL paintings by internationally collected, professional, contemporary artist, Christine Krainock. Each piece is an original, created with stunning TEXTURE by palette knife, is one-of-a-kind, HAND-PAINTED by Christine in her studio. Christine's paintings are purchased & displayed in private collections around the world. * ARTWORK PURCHASED BY CORPORATIONS SUCH AS * SONY, LA, CA * SIMON AND SCHUSTER PUBLISHING, NYC * ABC / DISNEY, LA, CA * TIFFANY & CO *  

    Original custom tree painting, fall autumn oak tree, wildflowers painting, textured palette knife, for dining room decor, by commission for Sage Hill Inn, TX by Artist Christine Krainock art on wall painting in room decor

    Christine's passion for painting new original pieces which are not necessarily planned out, but instead develop as Christine freely applies layer upon layer of paint, allows her to create unique pieces of art that are an expression of her thoughts and emotions. She is often employed by top interior designers - creating commissioned paintings to be displayed in their clients' homes or office spaces.  Christine specializes in creating textured paintings created by palette knife, using both the highest quality, professional oil paint and mixed media acrylic paint.  She receives consistent 5 STAR reviews from clients, and glowing testimonials.  She is best known for creating modern, textured, abstract paintings, palette knife oil paintings, poppies, flowers, cherry trees, blossoming trees, abstract florals, coastal artwork, spiritual angels, couple paintings, umbrella paintings, landscapes, cityscapes, dance paintings and peacocks.  



    art abstract painting pale aqua light green yellow white stunning canvas palette knife painting wall art home decor in white room decor by artist Christine Krainock


    Contemporary Artist, Christine Krainock, (also known as Christine Bell Krainock-Slominski), works from her artist studio in Temecula, California, USA. Christine has specialized her expressionistic, abstract, palette knife painting style to create unique & striking textured oil & acrylic paintings which reflect her love of nature & the beauty, movement, texture & light found within it. Christine often creates by applying layers of paint with palette knives that develop an almost 3-D effect in many of her pieces, while still maintaining amazing vividness of color.

    Contemporary Artist Christine Krainock painting original abstract palette knife paintings in art studio, Temecula, California


    Throughout school, Christine was passionate about art, and was usually found creating art in one way or another.  Christine attended universities in Southern California, and holds a Masters of Arts Degree. Christine has been selling her unique paintings locally, in galleries, and via online galleries for several years now to homeowners, collectors, designers, hospitality services, and major entertainment corporations.  Christine is often found working on commissioned paintings for influential designers and discriminating homeowners.   





    modern blue abstract painting wall art for sale buy art shop paintings original prints canvas giclee blue brown abstracts coastal artwork contemporary palette knife textured paintings christine krainock

    Artist, Christine Krainock painting original coastal abstract paintings on canvas in California Artist Studio Gallery textured artwork details

    Christine is passionate about her family, home, learning, enjoying the outdoors, and traveling ~ all of which inspire her in her art.  Follow her on Instagram @christinekrainockart, #christinekrainockart, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to get a more in-depth glimpse into what inspires her work and her home and studio life.

    art angel paintings artist Christine Krainock - Slominski in art studio modern abstract guardian angels paintings palette knife spiritual art wall art home decor farmhouse coastal








    Follow Christine Krainock ~ Contemporary Art by Christine's board Art & Paintings by Christine Krainock on Pinterest.









    Artist Christine Krainock Contemporary Abstract Angel Painting Collection Art Studio California Modern fine art home decor design paintings window light

    Artist christine krainock art studio original abstract palette knife paintings angel paintings gallery fine art home decor wall art san diego California

    Contemporary Palette Knife Painting Artist, Christine Krainock in the art studio, completing an original, abstract, modern, coastal floral painting 

    Creating Artwork-create-quote-art-inspiration quote Be brave get messy inspirational-artist-quotes-painting allow-your soul-to-dance-christine-krainock-paint-on-hand-art-studio


    artist christine krainock modern palette knife paintings textured original painting canvas prints wall art home decor art studio Contemporary Art by Christine

    Artist Christine Krainock Art Studio Gallery - Temecula, CA San Diego, Contemporary Art by Christine Original modern abstract palette knife paintings canvas wall decor, commissioned art, prints, blossoming trees, red trees, landscapes, flower paintings, dancer paintings, cityscapes, coastal art Artist Christine Krainock Palette Knives and Brushes in her art studio fine art paintings
    artist Christine Krainock art studio, contemporary paintings gallery, blossoming trees, peacock painting, abstract blue coastal seascape, wall art in studio, San Diego, CA artist oil paints, Contemporary Art by Christine, Christine Krainock artist paints art studio image fine gallery palette knife paintings
    art hydrangea painting abstract palette knife artist christine krainock art studio, California, paintings, gallery artwork, colorful original abstract paintings
    original art paintings textured palette knife paintings cherry blossoms white flowers detail texture Contemporary Art by Christine Krainock detail artist art painting artist christine krainock artist studio palette knives palette knife paint brushes canvas Contemporary Art by Christine fine art paintings textured modern original artwork wall art home decor