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Contemporary Artist, Christine Bell

Meet the Artist: Christine Bell

 Contemporary Fine Artist, Christine Bell | @ChristineBell.Art

Contemporary Artist, Christine Bell is a highly collected, Professional Fine Artist, who is known for her textured, minimalistic, Coastal Abstract Paintings as well as her Modern Impressionistic Seascape Paintings, Landscapes, and Florals. Christine is consistently commissioned by top Interior Designers, to paint custom, commissioned paintings to be displayed in their clients' homes or office spaces. Her work has been purchased by many high-end hospitality spaces; resorts, hotels, and spas. She is courted by high end Art Galleries for shows, and is one of the largest selling US Artists over the past decade+ in the online gallery space. With a large online presence, she is frequently contacted to be an Art Consultant for Interior Designers' Projects and provide mentoring for Emerging Artists. Where many artists are trained in one genre or subject, Christine reveals that she feels her mind needs to paint what she is drawn to in any certain moment, be it textures of a stone, the roll of ocean waves, or the sunlight playing off the trees and grasses. She intuitively knows that she cannot limit herself and is constantly exploring new subjects, media, and techniques. Christine’s mission with her artwork is to allow the viewer a moment to step out of our sometimes chaotic, "over-technological" and overwhelming lives into a mindset of peace, calm, and what truly matters in life – loving one another and experiencing the beauty of captured moments in time within the natural world.

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