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Commissioned Original Coastal abstract paintings seascapes textured ocean beach artwork fine art custom wall art home decor Artist Christine Bell California Art Studio

Commissioned Paintings

Own your own Custom, Commissioned Original Fine Art Painting
by Artist, Christine Bell 

NOW BOOKING FOR: Fall 2023. 

Let's CHAT! Christine is happy to discuss Commissioned Painting requests with you and welcomes all serious inquiries. If you would like to discuss Commissioning a Custom Painting, the best way to do so is by utilizing the "Chat" feature here or by filling out the "Request a quote" form. You will then be connecting with Artist, Christine, herself, to discuss your vision for a beautiful, unique Original Painting by Commission.

Below you will find listings for some highly requested styles of paintings, these are by no means the only options for a Custom, Commissioned Painting, but they are perfect "Easy-Order" Custom Paintings for those who know they want something similar to the paintings shown, but perhaps with just a color change or two. You may leave special color requests, or detail requests in the "Notes to Seller" field at checkout. 

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