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Original Abstract Seascape Painting Commission Custom Paintings, Original Coastal Abstract Ocean Beach Fine Art textured Elegant California Beach Home Decor light grey white beige painting Gallery Artist, Christine Bell

Commissioned Paintings

Commission a Custom Original Fine Art Painting
by Artist, Christine Bell 

NOW BOOKING FOR: Summer 2024. 

Let's CHAT! Christine is happy to discuss Commissioned Painting requests with clients and welcomes all serious inquiries. Christine often works with top Interior Designers and discerning homeowners to create just the right painting to enhance the aesthetic of a specific space. Commissioned Paintings can be loosely based off of a SOLD Painting that you had your eye on, or a vision which pairs nicely with Christine's painting style. 

If you would like to discuss Commissioning a Custom Painting, the best way to do so is by either utilizing the "Chat" feature here or by filling out the "Request a quote" form. You will then be connecting with Artist, Christine, herself, to discuss your vision for a beautiful, unique Original Painting by Commission.


*Note this listing below is to show examples of canvas sizes. They may all appear sold out, but all are available. Once a Commission is agreed upon by both Artist and Collector, the listing with the size you have requested will be unlocked for you to order.

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