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"The Petites" - ORIGINAL Paintings on a Smaller Scale

For those smaller little, elegant niches, table tops and corners... sometimes just the right piece of Original Artwork can add an eye catching accent, a little color, some texture - like adding a piece of jewelry to invite the gazers eye in, these little gems are an affordable way to add an Original to your walls and collection. 

Here you will find currently available smaller Original Paintings by Christine. These little treasures are completely one of a kind, are sized 24x24" down to 4x6", and are where you can find works completed in a variety of mediums and subjects as the smaller surfaces enable Christine's creativity and variety of skills which may not be noticed in her larger canvas work, to be shared and enjoyed within these smaller, beautiful paintings.

Get a "sneak peak" into Artist, Christine Bell's story, process, inspiration, studio life, and art by following along on: Instagram @ChristineBell.Art | TikTok @ChristineBellArt

If no available paintings are visible in this collection, then it means small works are Sold Out, in which case, contact to be added to the Interest List for new similar smaller paintings, to Commission a similar Original Painting, or better yet, Join The Studio List to receive email notifications of new releases!

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