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New Original Paintings and Prints by Contemporry Artist Christine Bell, Modern, COastal Fine Art Paintings, Seascapes, Landscape Paintings,Abstracts, Coastal Ocean Artwork for Interior Design Home Decor Gallery Oil Paintings

NEWLY RELEASED Paintings and Prints

Original Fine Art Paintings and GIclée Prints by Worldwide Collected, Modern Impressionism, Contemporary Artist, Christine Bell. 

Explore the the latest releases of Christine's artwork sorted by her most recent, New 2024 Paintings through the past few years since 2021. Her older paintings from 2010-2020 can be found in the Gallery of Early Works and can be purchased as Prints here.

Get a "sneak peak" into Artist, Christine Bell's story, process, inspiration, studio life, and art by following along on

Instagram @ChristineBell.Art | TikTok @ChristineBellArt

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