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Original Abstract Seascape Painting Minimalist Original Coastal Abstract Paintings Ocean Beach Fine Art textured Elegant California Coastal Beach Home Decor light blue aqua grey white beige horizontal painting Gallery Artist, Christine Bell

2023 New Original Paintings

There is nothing like the look and feel of an Original Painting. To see the actual palette knife and brush strokes, the blending of colors, the smallest marks and details added by the Artist to create the perfect balance. When you purchase and collect Original Paintings by Christine, each meticulously created with love, you are investing in a piece of artwork that is not only beautiful and timeless, but in a the Artist's soul, heart and in  the years and decades spent acquiring and developing her unique skill and talent. Enjoy adding to your Original Art Collection! 
View the Gallery of Early Works to explore more of Christine's SOLD Paintings. 

Follow her Studio Life and see New Originals in Progress @ChristineBell.Art

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