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Original Gold Leaf Coastal Abstract Seascape Landscape Paintings and Fine Art Canvas Prints Giclee Prints Artist Christine Bell Modern Impressionism Elegant Interior Design Wall Art Home Decor

Gold Leaf Original Paintings and Giclée Prints

Christine's Signature, Gold Leaf Seascape, Landscape, and Coastal Abstract Paintings have been praised by collectors as a unique Fine Art style which is not only exquisite aesthetically, but also possesses the ability through stunning "golden light" to inspire the viewer with subtle awareness of light, hope, and new beginnings. Original Gold Leaf Paintings are created with 14 karat gold leaf, hand applied detailing which reflects indoor and natural light beautifully.

Commission an ORIGINAL Gold Leaf Painting by Contacting Christine here.

Look towards the horizon... the light will always break through, even after the darkest of storms.


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