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Original Fine Art Landscape Paintings, Pine Tree Forest, Winter Holiday Christmas Trees Wall Arton Heavy Deckled-edge Watercolor Paper, Framed Artwork Brushed Gold Frame, modern impressionism Artist,Christine Bell

Misty Forest Collection: Original Landscapes on Fine Art Paper

The "Misty Forest" Series is a small collection of Original Paintings inspired by the serene coastal mist which settles into the pine laden forests of the Pacific Northwest. The morning mist provides a serene blanket of calm and peace amongst the majestic pine and redwood trees. These Original Paintings are painted by Christine on Handmade, Heavy, Archival Fine Art Paper with a deckled-edge. They can be framed normally, or "float-mounted" which shows off the beautiful vintage feel of the 100% cotton paper. 

If Paintings are SOLD please Contact Here to be asked to be added to the Interest List to receive a personal email when new Original "Misty Forest" Paintings are available.

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