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Fine Art Original Paintings and Prints Framed Vintage Antique Gold Frames French Baroque Frame Modern, Contemporary Framed Fine Art Artwork Impressionism Abstract Landscape Paintings Home Decor Giclee Canvas Prints, Artist, Christine Bell

Framed Originals & Prints

Framed Original Paintings and Prints 

There is just something about a beautiful piece of framed artwork, that is elegant and timeless. This special collection contains framed pieces, signed by the Artist on reverse. Curated by Christine, each piece has been matched to their frames to best compliment the artwork and bring a touch of elegance to your home decor. 

*Now AVAILABLE: A few NEW 19th Century ANTIQUE FRAMES containing Christine's Original Paintings and Prints.
A very special collection, curated personally by the Artist, Christine Bell. Christine has spent time collecting and pairing elegant antique gold frames, vintage style baroque gold frames, as well as contemporary modern frames with a selection of her Original Paintings that are in most cases, specifically painted for the antique frame, or with Giclee Prints of her paintings.

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