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"Our Special Place" FRAMED ORIGINAL Landscape Painting, ANTIQUE Gold Gilt Frame

  • $ 495.00

"Our Special Place" Framed Original Fine Art Impressionism Landscape Oil Painting framed in beautiful ANTIQUE Montparnasse Carved Wood Gold Gilt Frame circa 1900-1910, from Paris, France. A stunning 10x14" Original Oil Painting, modern impressionistic landscape was painted and paired specifically to this frame by Christine. The painting has been professionally mounted, and signed & dated on the back. The piece done in Christine's modern impressionistic style, draws the viewer in through the open sky, the beauty of swaying grasses, and the tree beckoning you to come sit beneath its' branches. 

Created in the serene shades of relaxing earthy tones of greens, golds, brown, grey, blue, cream and white. The free strokes of oil paint take on the depth, and relaxed atmospheric feel of the beautiful meadow, grasses and trees. 

Original Painting: Hand-painted, 10x14" original landscape painting in the finest quality oil paint on premium, Cold-Pressed, Acid-free, Archival Museum & Gallery Fine Art Oil Paper. Signed and dated on back, varnished, UV Protected, and mounted on acid free mounting board.

Frame: Price includes the stunningly Beautiful ANTIQUE Montparnasse Carved Wood Gold Gilt Frame circa 1900-1910, from Paris, France. The Parisian frame is in an excellent state of conservation with gorgeous patina and includes the Marie Louise insert. Approximate overall size: 19" L x 15" W.

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Frame Classifications and Terms for Contemporary Art by Christine:

Modern / Contemporary /Vintage "Style" = A frame created in modern day, a new wood or hard resin composite frame. Usually with UV acrylic or glass fronting.

Vintage = A frame created after 1922, or is between 20 - 100 years old. Can be wood, resin composite, or gilded copper or iron. 

Antique - A frame that was created prior to 1922 by artisan, normally wood frame with hand-poured resin composite gilded details or 100% carved wood by artisan, often with gilded gold in the Renaissance, Rococo, Baroque or Victorian style. Often has some chips or imperfections, but those imperfections speak of it's uniqueness and the  HISTORY.

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