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Meet the Artist: Christine Bell - Modern Impressionism & Abstract Painter

Meet the Artist: Christine Bell - Modern Impressionism & Abstract Painter

MEET THE ARTIST Contemporary Fine Artist, Christine Bell

“If you have found a passion in life, don’t ignore it. Be fearless, have courage, follow your heart, stay authentic, and your journey in what you desire and pursue will be joyful & amazing!” ~Christine


Contemporary Fine Artist, Christine Bell |  @ChristineBell.Art

“If you have found a passion in life, don’t ignore it. Be fearless, have courage, follow your heart, stay authentic and your journey in what you desire and pursue will be joyful & amazing!” ~Christine

Artist, Christine Bell, Contemporary Fine Art Original Paintings, Coastal Abstract and Modern Impressionism Painter, California Artist, Textured Neutral Minimalist Sculpted Paintings Commissioned Art for Home Decor California Ocean Canvas Wall Art Prints Christine Krainock

Contemporary Artist, Christine Bell is highly collected, professional fine artist, who is known for her textured, minimalistic, abstract paintings as well as her modern impressionistic seascape paintings, landscapes and florals. She is consistency employed by top interior designers, creating commissioned paintings to be displayed in their clients' homes or office spaces. Where many artists are trained in one genre or subject, Christine reveals that she feels her mind needs to paint what she is drawn to in any certain moment, be it textures of a stone, the roll of ocean waves, or the sunlight playing off the trees and grasses, she feels she cannot limit herself and is constantly exploring new subjects, media, and techniques.

Artist Christine Bell painting Original Coastal Landscape Fine Art with Gold Leaf detail in her California Art Studio

Throughout life Christine has always been passionate about art, nature, travel and history. These passions have instilled in her an appreciation for beauty in the world and has embedded in her a love of continuous learning and growth in mind and spirit. Christine holds a Master's of Arts Degree and enjoys continuing her knowledge by taking further University courses in History and Art History. She sees her life as a painter as a journey - one where she is constantly developing, improving and evolving her mind, as well as her painting techniques and skills. This humble state of constant learning enables her to remain true and authentic, and to be free to explore and paint a variety of subject matters instead of limiting herself to a single genre. She feels a deep calling to follow her heart when beginning a new painting, and to create based on what she has found to inspire her in the moment. Each new, blank canvas is seen as a way to allow herself to become immersed in her paints and apply the layers in ways to present on canvas what is in her mind and soul. Her hope is that the subjective viewer sees her Original Paintings and Giclee Prints as art that will stir an emotion, elicit a past memory, or simply bring a genuine smile to their face.

Artist Inspiration: Artist Christine Bell in Rome Italy experiencing Art, Culture, Architecture and History for Inspiration
"The Birth of Venus", Sandro Botticelli, 1485 -1486, Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy, Artist Christine Bell viewing and gaining art inspirationContemporary Artist, Christine Bell (formerly known as Christine Krainock), is passionate about traveling, and her trips to Italy, France, and UK / England (where she feels she could retire), has great influence on her painting. "Being able to visit some of the most beautiful places, experience their culture and spend time in the most renowned Art Galleries in the world has been life changing. 
Artist Christine Bell finding Abstract Painting Inspiration, "Cage 1-6", Gerhard Richter, 2006, Modern Museum, London,  EnglandAs a lover of history, to stand before Masterpieces painted through time by brilliant Masters: DiVinci, Rembrandt, Botticelli, Monet, Degas, Van Gogh, is always so humbling and is a dream come true. "I could live in an Art Museum, -as I can never pull myself away from taking in all the details of each magnificent painting, drawing or sculpture and learning its history."

Christine works from her artist studio in beautiful Temecula, California. Being fortunate to reside centrally near both the ocean and the mountains, for maximum inspiration. Christine has specialized her expressionistic, abstract, palette knife painting style to create modern impressionistic oil paintings & mixed media acrylic paintings that reflect her love of nature & the beauty, movement, texture & light found within it. Many of her original paintings are created by applying layers of paint with palette knives in her impasto style that develop an almost 3-D effect, or in some instances abstract paintings that can be reminiscent of old patinated, textured paint. All while still maintaining amazing vividness of color and intuitive composition.

Neutral Abstract Painting by Contemporary Artist, Christine Bell, Interior Design, Minimalist Home Decor, Bedroom Wall Art, Ingrained in My Soul, Canvas Print

Christine's passion for painting new original pieces, which are not necessarily planned out, but instead develop as Christine freely applies layer upon layer of paint, allows her to create unique pieces of art that can be interpreted on a personal level by the viewer. She is often employed by top interior designers, and creates commissioned paintings to be displayed in their clients' homes or office spaces.  Christine is best known for her impressionistic landscapes, her textured, coastal abstract paintings, contemporary florals, and her spiritual Angel Paintings. She receives consistent 5 STAR reviews and glowing testimonials from her clients.

Original Coastal Abstract Painting, "Coastal Melody", by Artist Christine Bell installed in Custom Beach Home interior decor along the coast in Spain.
Christine attended universities in Southern California, and holds a Masters of Arts Degree. For the past decade and a half, Christine has been selling her unique Original Paintings and Giclee Prints locally, in galleries, and via online galleries to homeowners, collectors, designers, hospitality services, and major entertainment corporations. Christine is often found working on commissioned paintings for influential designers and discriminating homeowners.

Christine deeply appreciates her collectors and would like to personally THANK each and every one! 


"When you collect ART from the actual ARTIST, you are supporting an actual person. An ARTIST who has developed their skills, techniques and talents over months, years and decades. Collecting Art from the actual Artist, (vs. a big box venue), provides the Artist with the means to not only continue to develop their craft, but you put food on the table, shelter over children's heads, you keep the lights on, and you send children to college. I want to THANK my loyal collectors for their support over the years. There is more to come..." ~ Christine

Original Modern Floral Painting Neutral Impressions of Lace, White Wildflowers, Giclee Canvas Print by Artist, Christine Bell


Follow Christine's journey on Instagram, #christinebellart, | Facebook | Pinterestto get a more in-depth glimpse into her newest paintings as they develop and into what inspires her work, and her home, and studio life. 

Christine Bell, Artist, in Art Studio Painting Original Large Coastal Abstract Painting, Textured Palette Knife Contemporary Artwork Ocean Seascape Beach Home Decor
© Contemporary Art by Christine, Paintings & Prints are © Copyright by Christine Bell / Christine Krainock / Contemporary Art by Christine. All Artwork and artwork images are Christine's Intellectual Property under US Federal Law.

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